Step-up Slide Warmer, Model XH-2003

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Our Step Up™ Slide Warmer's unique patent pending design helps you save space while still meeting a busy lab's needs. The slide warmer is the ideal choice for scientific research organisations, professional laboratories and high school labs (grades 11 and up). Applications include biological, cytological and histological fields.

The Premiere Step Up™ Slide Warmer has many advantages in unique design:

  • Easy to assemble and use.
  • Holds twice as many slides as a flat unit of the same size, which makes retrieving slides easier since the end of the slide is not on the flat surface.
  • Has 4 tiered levels, being able to warm up 40 slides at a time.
  • Anodized black surface provides contrast with samples.
  • Removable tray for easy cleaning.
  • Digital LED temperature display and temperature setting.
  • Easier and safer ability to pick up slides since one end of the slide extends off the tiered surface.
  • Electrophoretic surface coating.
  • Warms up slides by heating the tubes and spreads heat throughout the entire surface.


Please read this Technical Data Sheet completely and carefully before using. Injury to users or damage to equipment may result if this equipment is not used correctly or appropriately.

To avoid injuries to personnel and/or separated samples inside the unit, do not use the following materials in the centrifuge:

  • Radioactive or toxic materials
  • Strong chemical materials
  • Flammable and/or explosive materials

    To prevent fire or shock hazard:
  • DO NOT expose this unit to water or moisture.
  • This equipment should be used with AC 110V, 60Hz in the USA or Canada (unless labeled otherwise). Note: the 220V, 50Hz available as CAT. 71319-250.

    While in the slide warmer is heating up and also in use:
  • Make sure there is at least a 12" clearance on all sides of the warmer.
  • Make sure vents are clear of any obstructions.

Do not touch the hot surface to avoid burns and/or injuries.

Set Up

Please note the following conditions/guidelines for safe operation of the Step Up™ Slide Warmer:

  • Open box and remove Step Up™ Slide Warmer from package.
  • Place Step Up™ Slide Warmer on a flat surface.
  • Flip back legs UP to allow slide warmer to stand.
  • When ready to use, plug AC power cord firmly into back of unit and connect to power supply.


Capacity40 – 3" x 1" slides
Temperature rangeRoom temperature to 90°C ±2°C
Power requirementsAC 110V
 60Hz (CAT. 71319-50) 220V
 50Hz (CAT. 71319-250)
Time setting range1 – 240 minutes
Overall size14" x 14" x 4"H
Shipping weight22 lb
Net weight18 lb

Precautions Before Operating

Please note the following conditions/guidelines for safe operation of the Step Up™ Slide Warmer:

  • Ensure area and unit are clean, dry, and well ventilated.
  • Unit must be on a flat, stable work surface
  • Relative humidity needs to be ≤80%
  • Always use with care
  • Avoid moving or touching unit during operation
  • Use only with parts designed specifically for this model or the accessories provided
  • While unit is on, DO NOT touch surface without proper protection.
  • DO NOT use any item on the slide warmer that could scratch or damage its surface
  • Use only the electrical plug supplied with the product
  • NEVER leave the unit unattended while in use
  • DO NOT store unit in direct sunlight
  • Long hair should be pulled back and secured
  • Do not wear loose clothing or jewelry while operating unit
  • NOTE: Equipment has no serviceable parts.

Control Panel

  • Temperature display (in °C)
  • Maximum Temperature requested by user (in °C)
  • On/Heat = Unit is Warming/Hot
  • Alarm = Operating Error
  • Turn ON unit to run program cycle
  • Turn OFF unit
  • Increase/Decrease Temperature/Time

Directions for Use

  1. Plug in Step Up™ Slide Warmer into a standard 110V (or 220V, if applicable).
  2. Turn ON Power switch button on back of unit. The light above the word "ON" (located below "Set Temp LED Screen) will light to indicate unit is working. Temperature Display Box will light up to indicate the actual temperature (upper box) and the Set Temperature (lower box). This confirms the unit is on and operating.
  3. Adjust temperature by pushing the SET button one time. The top, larger display will read "SP". Use the Increase/Decrease buttons (∧ / ∨) to adjust temperature to desired setting. Once slide warmer reaches desired set temperature, the heat indicator light will turn off and is holding at temperature.
  4. Adjust time by pushing the SET button twice. The top, larger display will read "SR". Use the Increase/Decrease buttons (∧ / ∨) to adjust time setting to run for desired amount of time. Once set time is determined, unit will begin to heat until predetermined time is up. Two "beeps" will signal that the Step Up™ Slide Warmer will completely shut off. NOTE: To run unit continuously, set time to "0".

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